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Stop Trying. Start Walking.

Recently, I was talking to one of my friends and responded to her prompting me to schedule more self care into my week with, “Yes, I’ll try”.

She didn’t even take a beat before saying “Try is the laziest word. Do you want to try again?”

She got me. She’s right. Try is the laziest word and yes I want to try again – I want to try again to choose productivity and success over laziness.

Your turn. It’s time to bench the word “try” from your vocabulary and your schedule. Remember: don’t try, do. Because when you do… great things happen.

As you read this, I am practicing doing my very own great things. I am unleashing my own power within and walking on fire with Tony Robbins! Stay tuned for the glorious (step-by-step) recap.

Are you ready to stop trying and start doing to see the results you’ve dreamed of? (Even if they haven’t shown up yet.)

The doors to my Ms.termind Mastermind will be opening again next month! Stay posted on the latest Ms.termind Mastermind news and be notified of exactly when the program (that has sold out each time it’s been offered) is open for applicants. Then, roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!

Speaking of rolling up your sleeves… I have been doing just that. I am proud to announce that the team here at is expanding! Working with and connecting amazing people is the most rewarding part of my job. Besides, it’s quite fun!

Back to you: what steps will you take today so that you can walk across your own fire?