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I Learned a Lesson

Recently, I learned a lesson. A big lesson. 

It’s created a shift in my life. Exactly where I needed it. In fact, it’s resonating with everyone I share it with.

And, it’s quite simple:

The place where I feel the most resistance is the same place that holds the greatest reward.

Resistance shows up in several ways, but let’s start with avoidance. Think about that thing you’ve been avoiding…changing your diet, an uncomfortable conversation, working out. Got one? Now, think about what would happen if you actually did the thing that you’re most avoiding.

Instead of carrying the burden of changing your diet – you begin, in exactly the way you know how.

The uncomfortable conversation that you’ve been meaning to have with your client/best friend/family member is only blocking you from what you need to release.

Avoiding your early morning workout is only keeping you from discovering that you actually prefer night time sweat sessions.

Stand up to your own resistance, allow your life to shift and prepare to see your reward.

The most valuable lessons aren’t the ones you prepare for – they’re actually delivered in the experiences you allow to happen.

I learned that I need to make the space in my life to allow people to support me in not only my life, but also in my business. (Which is not an easy task as my job is to support others.)

Besides, allowing support feels vulnerable. And if I’m being honest? It’s even a little scary.

Because jumping in where you feel the most resistance is exactly the ticket to create the very thing you say you want – a stronger body, more love, a smaller dress size – and more.

What will you do differently about your resistance today?

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Get ready – I know that 2016 is definitely your year.