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How About a Revolution on Resistance?

I got a lot of great feedback to my post on resistance last week. Seems it really struck a chord with you.

In fact, your response pushed me to look at where and what else I may be resisting and how I wanted to handle it. Interestingly enough, the act of doing just that – investigating my resistance further, helped me realize that we are truly in it together.

You showed me that not only are we in it together, but, we’re going to get through it together.

So here’s what – instead of waiting for New Year’s to make a resolution that doesn’t quite fit, how about we stand together to create a revolution? Our own revolution on breaking through resistance.

And, even better? How about we start NOW.

What’s the first thing you do when you begin a project you aren’t sure how to tackle? You assemble a team. You find your allies. You create a plan. And then – you just start. When you have a network of support, anything is possible.

Why are you still holding onto that resistance? It’s time.

Yep. It’s time for you to write that book. It’s time for you to change careers. And yes, it’s time for you to launch that product.

Because, your network is here and they’re cheering you on. Push through the door marked resistance and bring your revolution. It’s your time.

How do I know? They’re my network, too. (And they’re knock-your-socks-off awesome.)

In fact, I’ll be sending you some incredible Cyber Monday deals to kick start you on that revolution. No matter where you live or what you do, there will be a steal of a deal for you.

Speaking of awesome networks and deals: the 2016 Ms.termind Mastermind is already filling up! (There are some crazy cool benefits and additions in the works for this next round, too.) Apply by November 30th to lock in the current rate and save over $600. Message me with any questions and of course – watch your inbox for the latest details.

Until then, start the revolution you’ve been waiting for. Because this day – this hour – this minute – is, in fact, the moment that it all comes together. This is your time.