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I Know What You Are

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Working for yourself is running your own business.

You’re spending long hours creating products to market. You’ve refined your services four times (and that’s just in this month alone). You’ve intercepted broken links and saved live webinars from going down the tubes.

You’re so good, you should’ve won a Golden Globe for your performance.

You launch classes, and best-sellers… and dreams.

You write sales pages, and articles… and ambitions.

You build websites, and create strategies… and attend to their heart.

I’ve got news for you: you’re an Entrepreneur.

If you fail with one idea, start another.

Found a way that doesn’t work? Try again and you’ll find a way that will.

Maybe your friends don’t understand why you’re always “working”, or what exactly you’re working on. Your family most certainly think you’re sitting home all day watching soap operas.

But, you’ve found your niche. And now it’s time to find your network.

You’re an entrepreneur, and that is truly a wonderful thing.

Declare it to the world, and tell us why you’re an Entrepreneur – using the hashtag #ImAnEntrepreneur  your network is here. Ready and waiting.


Repeat after me: I’m an Entrepreneur. Because it’s a brave and beautiful thing to be.

Your co-Entrepreneur