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Emmys Scoop, A Podcast & A Business Planning Tip

Did you see the Emmy’s last Sunday? If so, you probably saw several of the nominees wearing some pretty stylish gowns and tuxes. I got a preview of some of the looks, styles and swag the nominees were taking home when I was invited to take 5 in 5 behind the scenes at this year’s Emmys and do some interviews at the DPA Preawards Gift Suite at the LUXE Rodeo in Beverly Hills. Talk about luxury and a top notch event! I’ll be sharing the interviews soon as well as some photos and maybe even a good story or two! And yes, there were lots of nominees in the place. It was definitely the place to be and be seen!

Season 1 of Five and Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™ wraps up at the end of the month. That means I’m taking a bit of a break until we start taping Season 2. In the meantime, we’re making some changes on the format and that includes a podcast version of the show. I’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available, but if you want to get a sneak peek, click here.

The Ms.termind Mastermind™ filled up once again. Who doesn’t love a “threepeat”? We started last week and already people are getting clarity and actionable steps to implement in their businesses. Next up, we’ll be celebrating results. If you’re thinking about joining the mastermind, the next round starts in January 2016. Click here to get on the list.

I’m working on some good things for 2016 – business planning, goal setting, budgeting, etc. How about you? If you haven’t started, here’s something to get you started…

Take out a piece of paper and something to write with (or a new document on your laptop, tablet or i-anything).

Next, close your eyes (Not yet! I’m not done!) and imagine it’s Monday morning, 9am, December 2016. Imagine yourself making a list of all the things you’re grateful for having accomplished, received or achieved in your business in 2016. When you’re done, write them all down and when you’re done, dig out 1 – 2 more and add them to the list.

Look at your list and choose the top three and start there. You can work backwards to connect the dots and create your plan.

Got questions? Let me know. Or if you want to share your list and get some feedback, send it on over and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Start planning! You’ve got some big work to do next year!