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3 Reasons Why We Hate Apologizing

While reading an apology email from Harvard Business Review this week, I was impressed with how direct and simple they make it look. Failing and apologizing are not things we see leaders do well. Don’t beleive me? Here are 3 Reasons Why We Hate Apologizing . It makes us feel …

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3 Managerial Skills Females Rock

Let’s give the ladies the credit they deserve! Today we will go through 3 managerial skills that females rock and the actionable things you can improve. Although women only make up 37% of managerial positions, there are a few things they do better than men* (2020, Mckinsey).   Learn Rapport …

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5 Ways to Rate Company Culture

We all know what we want in company culture, but maintaining it is where it gets tricky. Let’s go through 5 questions you should be asking yourself to rate how you contribute to your company’s culture. This will be a task of self-reflection, so as the old saying goes, “get …

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