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5 Ways to Rate Company Culture

A task in self reflection of company culture

We all know what we want in company culture, but maintaining it is where it gets tricky. Let’s go through 5 questions you should be asking yourself to rate how you contribute to your company’s culture. This will be a task of self-reflection, so as the old saying goes, “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” This way you can answer the following questions truthfully and make some changes.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and rate the company culture:
Do you play favorites?

Yes, we’re starting with a tough one. You may think you don’t, and this question may take a ton of self-reflection. But do you give more work to a colleague that has been at the company longer because you know their work ethic? Do you give more work to younger people to ease the burden on others on the team? Make sure to keep this in check because it can get bad quickly.

Does Your Team Know Anything About You?

Build rapport with a team by sharing details about yourself and learning about their interests. This is especially important in virtual teams that may not spend much time together. We love virtual field trips, echcheck out Creative Mornings for some free ones. 

Is your team calendar full of meetings and not one meetup?

Then it’s time to add some fun! This does not have to happen every week, but you can schedule a quarterly book club, team celebration, or a virtual field trip (check out Creative Mornings). It should be voluntary and involve zero work talk.

Do you celebrate the small stuff?

Now more than ever, we need a moment to bring up the little things that we are proud of. Make sure you are setting small goals so that the team can celebrate the milestones leading up to major accomplishments. Keep that motivation going!. It is also good practice if the team needs to readjust due to unforeseen setbacks. Even a, “Thanks for hanging in there!” can go a long way.

Do you let people dream big?

Hold on now, aren’t you the visionary? Yes, but share the spotlight! Make sure to have some deliberate moments to suggest new ways to do things, ideas, and products. Need help striking up creativity, click here for some local motivation.

Continuously asking yourself these questions will keep you in line with the vision you see for your company culture. Make sure to also have your team leaders or managers do the same. Rating your company culture is especially important for virtual companies that may not have as many touchpoints.

So how did you do? More importantly, how can we support you to get to where you want to be? We’re here for you. Comment below and we’ll be sure to respond.

P.S. Another great FREE resource for you to use is our Inclusivity Quiz.