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3 Managerial Skills Females Rock

Let’s give the ladies the credit they deserve! Today we will go through 3 managerial skills that females rock and the actionable things you can improve. Although women only make up 37% of managerial positions, there are a few things they do better than men* (2020, Mckinsey).


Learn Rapport vs. Report Communication 

Rapport communication builds relationships and aids in problem-solving. This type of communication includes more listening than data. It includes personal feelings and past experiences to solve tasks (2018, Rochesterrising.org). Report communication involves mainly exchanging facts, and the speaker tends to dominate the conversation. Read more in the study done here*. So make sure to let people add their flare to get the best possible solution to a problem.

Be more ethical

Women leaders tend to be more ethical than men, and women are more inclined to be moral and bargain fairly. Some men tend to see decisions as “just business.” Don’t believe it? Read the details of the study here*


Create better workspaces

It is more critical than ever to create safe workspaces. Thankfully, female managers understood that assignment a long time ago. According to research, women leaders are better at being more inclusive and mentoring younger employees. (2018, Pew) Read more here*.

So you might be thinking, is this a male-bashing article? Absolutely not.

Sadly, we are consistently overlooked and underpaid. Make sure to look at your team and give credit where credit is due. These are 3 managerial skills that females rock based on data. Pay compliments to those overachieving women. Promote women into leadership positions. And if you are a woman who is rocking it at work, we salute you! 👏

*We recognize there are other gender identities to consider and include. Like with other underserved communities when it comes to statistical data, we look forward to studies that do include more demographics to better represent us all.