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Let’s Get Clear On Intention | Gina’s Thoughts

Can we chat for just a quick minute about intention?

Intention is the thing that drives our actions and decisions. For example, when it comes to building relationships do you consider your intention? Are you clear about it? I mean really clear. When you ask someone for coffee to catch up, are you truly looking to catch up or are you looking for something else like new clients, a collaboration, free advice?


When you’re clear about what it is you really want, you can lead from a place of honesty and sincerity. It will also keep you from feeling that uncomfortable, “I’m just gonna see and hopefully they’ll offer to help…”. Besides, most people see it and know exactly what’s going on. If you’re honest by saying something like, “I’m looking to bring on some new clients and I’d love to chat with you about it…”, you’ll get a clearer response and a better outcome. You may even get a better than expected outcome.


People like to work with people who are clear and confident. Get clear about your intention and lead with integrity. I’m counting on you!

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