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Hard Decisions In Business | Gina’s Thoughts

Isn’t October just the coziest month? The weather’s not quite freezing yet but I get so excited when it’s cool enough to wear long sleeves! (It’s the little things.) I love this time of year and relish time with loved ones. I’ve spent most of 2018 head down focused on growing the business. This meant having to say no to a lot of invitations and even letting some people down. It was hard, but when you’re building a sustainable business there’s no way around it. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions.


I’ve become more and more aware of those who’ve stuck with me, encouraged me, and continue to cheer me on. Whether it’s a meal, a movie, or a sitting in the same room having an old fashioned face-to-face conversation in front of the warm fireplace, I cherish every moment. What are your favorite cozy indulgences this time of year?