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Are You a Magician? Because Abraca-DAYUM!

I’ve been noticing more and more offers online from people who want to help me.


  • Have the life I’ve always wanted (which makes me wonder how they know when some days I don’t even know).
  • Make 6 figures without a business or website just like they did (OK, that was somewhat exaggerated. Sometimes it’s 5 figures).
  • Find my ideal relationship within 30 days (I suspect these well-connected people know the people who can help me live my ideal life).
  • Lose weight effortlessly (once I spend $300 a week on things I’ve never heard of).


I can pay someone to remove whatever is blocking me from having all of these things I apparently need.

And there are days I’m tempted to do it. Because it’s easy, it’s painless and will make my life so much easier. Like magic.

And we all want the magic.

But when we go for the magic, we miss the lasting benefits that come from doing the “work” to get to the root of the issue. And the root is directly linked to how you’re getting results in your business.

Magic is attractive, exciting and fun. And sometimes, magic IS the answer.

Healing is the opposite. For example, when you get a scrape or cut the skin tightens as it begins to heal. It can be uncomfortable, sometimes painful and unsightly and in some cases leaves a scar or mark. Who wouldn’t want magic instead? And that’s why we pay for it over and over again. But here’s what…

Everyone is looking for the magic, but we often forget that we’re the magicians.

If you want lasting change and to create the life you want, the business/income you want, the relationship you crave, the body you deserve and the freedom to live your wildest dreams, you’ve got to take action. It’s that simple.

So…what’s your first trick?

Let’s go, magician. It’s time to do your thing.