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Pssst….are you hiring?

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” Lawrence Bossidy, COO of General Electric

5 Tips for the Perfect Job Description

Never underestimate the value and importance of a clear informative job description. It can make or break your hiring experience and the impact it has on others.
1. Make Me Laugh
Or cry, but just know that a job description will be the first step in marketing your company, so make sure you include some personality about the company culture in the description. This helps people see if the culture is the right fit for them before they apply.
2. Be Clear on Job Responsiblities
Remember you can always add a clause to say that they must remain flexible if you plan on changing this role. However, be careful not to rely on this clause or use it “just in case” you need it later. Put yourself in the candidate’s position. Top talent usually doesn’t apply for jobs that are vague, unclear, and/or uncertain.
3. Ask for Realistic NOT Idealistic Job Experience
If you are hiring for an entry-level position, do not ask for a Masters degree and 5 years of field experience. If you do decide to ask for that level of experience, be prepared to increase your budget to meet the salary requirements of someone who brings those qualifications to the job. 
4. There’s No “I” in Team
Include your current team in the process and ask what they need. Remember adding a team member is somewhat (depending on your biz) like adding a family member, so make sure you’re all on the same page about who you’re looking for and the type of experience required.
5. Have the Candidate Do a Little Dance!
Ok, maybe not a dance, but you can have them take a personality quiz online to help vet out any candidate that may not be serious about the job. Or add something fun in there like, “include a GIPHY that shows how you’re feeling about applying for the position.” It’s a fun way to see someone’s personality and gives you a little extra insight as to what they may be feeling as they go through the interview process.
Bonus Tip:
Post in the right places! Take the time to research the type of candidate you want to bring into your team and where you can find them. Overwhelmed? Get a hiring manager or consultant to help. One of the things we do with our clients is provide resources, templates, and all the materials to support them in attracting top talent.  Just ask us for support!
Writing a job descriptionHiring is a big undertaking for any size organization.
But remember that this sets the tone for your relationship with your new team member(s). If you make it a smooth and enjoyable process, candidates will look forward to coming on board and will bring that enthusiasm into their work.
So as January unfolds, know that I am cheering you on. I’ll even run around my office with a giant foam finger yelling, “You’re #1! You’re #1!” Just in time for when you finally get that perfect hire! (But I won’t send pics or video, so don’t ask.)
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  • This is a great post, Gina! I love the breakdown of the interview and I love the reminder of “make me laugh” and “have the candidate do a little dance”. It’s the small things that can really help a candidate shine in an interview process. Thank you for this!