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The Gratitude Guide

Three Ways to Thank Your Team

Showing gratitude is something that seems simple enough but that sometimes gets thrown on the back burner because we assume our team already knows how much they mean to us. Hopefully they do, but if you want to be certain, here’s your reminder to say thank you and three ways to show it. Ready? Here we go!


Write an appreciation email. This is the easiest way to show your valued team that you are noticing  their efforts. Make sure to personalize it with examples on how you appreciate them. For example, “Thanks to Chris who landed us that partnership with Starbucks, now we all get free mugs on our birthdays!” Also, never underestimate the value and impact of a handwritten note. It’s a little extra time to invest on the front end and totally worth it!

Send a little love. Speaking of being caffeinated (or decaffeinated, if that’s your thing), how about sending over some free coffee or lunch to your team? Trust me when I tell you that most of them are surviving virtual meetings with whatever’s on hand. Imagine someone sending an unexpected care package your way. Good right? Now do it for your team.

Tell them to play hookie. Nothing tells people you value them like telling them you want them to have a life outside of work. One of my favorite things to do with my team is schedule a meeting that’s replaced with, “Thanks for all of your hard work. I’m covering the afternoon. Get off the computer and go have some fun. (Just be sure to check your messages once an hour.)”  an hour of, “I booked you a massage.”


Team appreciation can make a positive impact on your company culture. It can amplify positivity (which we all need) and also heighten job satisfaction. These measures can ultimately reduce employee turnover and impact your bottom line as well. Regardless of how you choose to say thanks just make sure it gets done – intentionally and often.