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3 Client Secrets

3 Client Secrets in Leadership

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most high functioning and high performing teams. Here are 3 client secrets I’ve seen work time and time again. No matter what industry you’re coming from, these traits are what separates good leaders from great ones. Let’s dive in!



How did you adapt when Slack was down the first Monday of the year? Great leaders plan ahead by having a Plan B in place, so there was no need to panic. They also make sure to effectively communicate that plan as well as expectations so teams felt supported, especially during moments that feel like a crisis. 



Great leadership communicates with clarity, more than ever. People are juggling everything from homeschooling to social justice, so there is no time for vague assignments or excessive meetings. Great leaders identified their goals and then broke them down into manageable steps for implementation. Good leadership also had clear expectations on how teams could achieve their goals. 



The best trait I’ve noticed in great leadership is transparency. If things are not working, good leaders say something! They listen and take feedback from their teams versus being autocratic. But most of all, they cultivate a culture of honesty; even when conversations had nothing to do with work.


As more of our work and life boundaries continue to merge, it gives leaders an opportunity to grow with their teams. Instead of viewing tough moments as impossible, let’s use the lessons to propel us into the leadership of the future. In the words of Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, “You manage things; you lead people.”


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